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Harry Gandhi


Harry Gandhi is the Director at Innovation Boost Zone. He attended University of Waterloo. Previously he was the founder of Medella Health - a smart contact lens that monitors glucose levels and helps patients better manage their diabetes. Medella Health is now Voyage Labs who build nanotechnology-based sensors that help device companies build better products (drug monitoring, companion devices and point-of-case devices). He was associated with Lab2Market, Amplify Capital, and 1517 Fund. IBZ and Harry have given tremendous support to SkinCheckUp and made our Collision dream possible.

J. Paul Santerre


Professor J. Paul Santerre has published >195 peer reviewed publications and is a listed inventor on >70 patents in the area of medical polymers, biodegradation, protein and blood interactions with surfaces, surface modification, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery. This research has led to the training of >70 graduate students, multiple postdoctoral fellows and >130 undergraduates, and >$50M CAD in grant funding. In addition to being a named fellow of many national and international academic bodies, he was co-founder and current director of the Health Innovation Hub at the University of Toronto. He is a co-founder of Interface Biologics (IBI) and current CSO for IBI and Ripple Therapeutics along with being and advisor to several other healthcare companies.

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