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Skin check

SAM is an AR device built on React.js, OpenAI, and Monocle. SAM is a revolutionary AI for AR solution. It's made for Clinical side of SkinCheckUp.

Skin check
SAM: AR device
Skin check
Skin Testing

SAM's Story

SAM helps with assisting in conducting comprehensive skin assessment. It follows Dr Karen Zulkowski’s (Montana University) 5 Parameters of Skin Assessment. SkinCheckUp's Assistant (SAM) is following the technique of Dr. Karen and providing a suitable template for skin assessment. A ground-breaking exercise for the whole medical fraternity.

The skin assessment Parameters are:

1. Temperature

2. Turgor (firmness)

3. Color

4. Moisture level

5. Skin Integrity

Live capture during Skin Assessment

Behind the Scenes


About Company & Founder

Skin Check

SkinCheckUp is a product of Drish Labs Inc. It detects and identifies complex skin ailments (like eczema, psoriasis, melanoma, urticaria) from the comforts of your home with Object Detection.

Harsh Shah, Founder

Passionate Machine Learning Engineer with experience in developing Data Science models, Object Detection, OCR, Computer Vision, and NLP applications. Working on AI / AR applications.

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